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Dream time

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Woo had a dream last night. I’m going to try and write it down as it happened, but it’ll be sketchy and rough.

I lived on a different planet. It was kind of earthy but kind of.. not it was weird. I was a different creature then, slender and kind of planty looking. Like a dryad almost. Anyway I lived with my father and brother in this little place. My father was an inventor! he was a genius. My brother was a slacker! he was fat.

I got accepted into this school, it was like.. THE school for anything really, and so I went there. Xian, somehow YOU were there, and you were some twitchy, spaztic thing. I’m not sure why it was you? I just knew it was you O.o, so were you croaky, and adri, and ven. And this is TOTALLY not a good thing (I think, I’m not sure what happened to you guys).

Anyway, we’re all in these classes together, and we’re sitting at our desks, in front of this TOTAL mad scientist lab set up. Lots of tubes and cages and pipes with a total steam punk feel. Everything was copper and bronze and so on. The instructor comes in and starts the class. I don’t remember what the lesson was, but at one point there was a rat in a cage, and the teacher started dumping water into his cage and damn near drowns the rat. Xian piped up with kind of a twitchy response (you were like some kind of child protege that everyone know but omg so strange in person) and you got escorted out of the room. Last I saw of you. Then I started to yell that I had connections in animal control and I was calling them now if the lady didn’t stop abusing the rat.

Something weird happened, and I was sent to my room in the dorms to think. I had dreams then, inside of my dream, of my arms being slowly dissolved. Like… they were made out of sand and the sand was blowing away. Then my father appeared late in the night and whispered something about a warning and that he was terrified they were going to cut off my limbs and replace them with mechanical arms!

So we ran. We got in these cool steam punk/space aged cars and ran from the school. And we were chased! The school sent these kind of police looking machines after us. They destroyed the house and vaporized the fatty brother, and then this giant machine came down and tried to capture me! It had lots of buttons, and was like a flat box, with arms that were trying to grab me to stick me in the container to take back to the school. My father saved me with an ingenius little device that worked like a remote control and turned the box off, but somehow we picked up one of the baddies.

We got in the car and were racing down the freeway then! Running somewhere, at that point neither of us knew where we were going, when the school bust out it’s BIG weapon. The eye. It looked like a giant worm coming out of the sky with a huge eyeball and lots of weird spikes. It leaned down and began to follow us, pointing straight down at the ground. Everything under it’s gaze was vaporized like in my dream. It caught up with us, and the car began to come apart, the back part, and then the baddie that was with us was dissolved, and then my dad! And then I managed to lean over and hit the gas and scooted ahead of it. But the road was full of robotic cars and the baddies who were chasing me sent out a beam that made everyone’s car drop to a halt! I crashed and was thrown from the car, and kind of scrambled to my feet and kept running, but I was too slow. Another one of those box things slammed into me and wrapped around me.

But… it made the mistake of doing this when I was on the edge of the bridge over a huge river. I got a weird glimpse of something then. I’d never seen a river, or large bodies of water before you see. There.. there was people under the water, and an odd, peaceful white glow. There were entire cities, and the water seemed to sing a song at me of beckoning and safety. So I jumped, just as I was wrapped in the box… and landed in the water.

I floated for a little while, and the box kind of shuddered and shriveled off of me. It left me face to face with what was totally a water nymph. She motioned me to hurry, that we weren’t safe, so we started to run under the water as fast as we could to the DEEP water. Shallow water wasn’t safe enough to escape the big eye. As proven when the eye came down and began to BURN the water away! Soldier guys wrapped in special suits jumped off the edges of the eye and grabbed hold of my helper, and the last I saw of her was her screaming before I was suddenly snagged by… Klaus. That’s right Adri, your Klaus. He’d been in the school with us, and he’d been a friend to us, but now, now his eyes were blank and he was a cold, hard soldier. He whispered to me that it was okay, it would only hurt a little bit, then it’d be fine, and his new metal hand closed over my face and…

I woke up.