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Monster in an hour 2009

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

So I COMPLETELY forgot to update from Conduit’s monster in an hour. This year I was rather unhappy because they gave it a theme… and it always seems kind of limiting to me. As it was ‘evil overlords of conduit’, we were told to draw evil overlords.I told the moderator that I would draw kitties and teddybears, just see if I didn’t.

Well first they wanted to see the moment that the evil overlord went bad.


I’d say that’d turn any cat into an evil overlord. With mice minions.

Well next they wanted to see the overlord’s minions. And since we all drew boys (technically teh cat’s a boy, maybe), they wanted a girl. Sooo…


So this is the minion little girl, with the evil overlord teddy bear.

Yep those were my contributions this year to monster in an hour.

Conduit report

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Hi guys!

Well I’m back from Conduit, and it was fantastic! The theme this year was evil overlords, which left me somewhat… anxious… about doing some of the panels. However we had a real blast. Evil overlord in an hour was what Monster in an hour turned into. The subject? The moment the evil overlord turned bad.

I drew evil overlord kittycat, in a tub, scraggily as only a wet cat can be, with mice laughing at him. Howard Taylor drew Neo from the matrix taking the red pill instead of the blue. Newton Ewell drew Darth Vader working at mcdonalds, and also godzilla being asked if he needs a mint for his bad breath.
It was really great getting to wander with all the people who’s creativity seems to bounce spaztically like my own does. And it was nice to chill with Howard and his *beautiful* wife, they are so fantastically funny and intelligent.  Here’s howards report on the con:  though if you haven’t read his comic, please do. It’s hysterical! Hell so are his podcasts and pretty much anything he does. Man’s a born comedian.

Oh hey I was in the news. A prewarning now, I AM overweight, fatty fatty. So don’t expect tiny hot Jess. That’ll happen after I finish working out. yes.,0,5856104.story

I’m pretty tired, but I’m starting to feel the old creative tingle again my friends. We all know my dreams are wacked out, I think I’ll start from there and see what madness ensues.