Arts and stuff.

hey guys! There’s a new piece up!

Go check it out, it’s part of my new series!

Also croaky was an angel and made an rss feed for this blog, so check it out if you prefer to read on lj!

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2 Responses to “Arts and stuff.”

  1. Kmye says:

    It’s a lovely piece, although very different from what you usually do! It reminds me of children tales for grown-ups, like Roald Dahl’s. Good job! ^_^
    It’s nice to see you back on tracks. *hugs*

    • Jess says:

      eeeee Kmye!! *hugs* thanks sweets. I’m still a little off kilter, but I’ve got a new story rumbling around in my head. Just enough that I actually feel artistic, and like drawing again. I’m hoping it’ll push me forwards into new areas.