New art

July 2nd, 2009

Hi guys! Just updated a new piece, finished that butterfly piece. It can be seen here:

Hope you like it! It will be an open edition piece.

WIP fly away

July 1st, 2009

Just some scans as I color this. I’m working solely in colored pencils right now, I’ll be switching to watercolors for the background. The colors I’m using are prismacolors, and I’ll list them now:

Spring Green
Apple Green
True Green
Deco Aqua
Sky Blue Light
Blue Slate
Dark Green
Warm Grey 10%
Canary Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Dahlia Purple
Pale Sage


WIP fly away

June 30th, 2009

Going to try to remember to post wips of this as I go, since some people enjoy them. This is my current project:


Michael Jackson

June 26th, 2009

Welp I’m not delivering news that no one else has heard, Michael Jackson died yesterday at the age of fifty. Everyone has blogged about this, the news is all over the place on this, but well…  I figured I’d go ahead and blog about it as well.

The news is fairly confusing, as it usually is in cases like this. First a heart attack, then the possibility of ‘drug overdose’ (though a shot of demerol that he gets once a day wouldn’t count to me as a grand overdose like most rock stars die from). So what did he die of? We won’t know until the autopsy is done, and speculating till then seems kind of pointless.

He’s an uncomfortable man to talk about, to be honest. I know I’m not alone in feeling confusion about loving the contributions he made to music, and to the world in general through charitable acts… and then how I should feel about the accustations of child molestation, abuse, etc. etc. , as well as the growing bizareness of his appearance. By the end of his career I had stopped watching videos of him because I just couldn’t stand watching his face sort of.. melt away.

I never got the jokes made about him. It always seemed to me that he was a man with some deep inner struggles, and outer when it came to his health, and that’s not something you poke fun of. I think that’s why his music touched so many people, because it was light and ‘pop’ and fantastic, full of colors and wonderful dancing. But when you really listened to what he had to say, it was filled with an anger, and a raw sort of pain. His words spoke to a lot of people, and struck a chord for all of us. That venear of glitter and smiles, flashy dancing and smooth moves only covered the less pleasant things in the words. And that’s how a lot of us live, with a flash of glitter and a smile to cover when we’re hurting or confused. That’s why I think we moved as a people to LOVE his music and embrace it.

Bad? Bad was damn near our theme song growing up, all of us kids, saying we were tough and no one could stand against us. We could do what we wanted because we were ‘bad’. I was one of those kids growing up who got picked on like crazy. I was NOT one of hte bookworms that would get kicked and pushed and would just take it though, I was one of those kids who fought back, often resulting in injuries,and trips to the principal’s office. Why did bad speak to me? Because I was a good kid, just trying to survive and do what I wanted, but went ‘bad’ out of self defense.

But along with the gritty beneath the glitz was a sweet sort of.. love and harmony as well.

Remember the time was another song that always got to me. I was a teenager then, in high school and had my first boyfriend. He was HOT, big ol’ kickboxer. That song was on the radio a lot, I remember us hanging out at my house watching the video and shyly kissing when we thought my dad wouldn’t be around. (*cough* sorry dad) So yeah, do you remember the time? I do, that was my first love, and I remember it sweetly, and always set to that song.

There was fun as well, when Thriller came out, I actually *remember* the video. I was only five, but I watched it. My dad watched it, it was something I cherish growing up, that fun scary time when I could cling to my father and know he’d protect me from the scary things in the movies, and then giggle and try to learn how to do the zombie dance.

And now that I’m older, Man in the mirror is the song that speaks to me the most. Because I know that the only way anything’s going to change is by starting with myself, looking at myself and changing it. Considering his habit of speaking out on things that seemed to be bothering him through his music (leave me alone being a rather obvious example), I’d like to think he felt the same way.

So here I am, staring at my posts and still trying to reconcile my desire to honor a man who influenced my generation with my revulsion of the negative side of the musician, trying to figure out a good healthy balance about him. I don’t have an easy answer. But I do know that without his music, there’s a lot of memories I wouldn’t have, and that regardless of the bad things, he had a GOOD influence in my life, as well as the lives of many of my friends. Music moves me, helps me to create. I don’t paint without music playing and his songs were often in my playlists. So in many ways he had a hand in the things i created.

I think I started this post with the intention of going over his life, his contributions, and giving a clinical rundown of what all happened with him. But I’m not a news reporter, and I don’t know all the facts.. . so I’m leaving this blog as it is. A memory of the impact that he had on me, personally. I AM honored to have had the experience of growing up and personally witnessing each time he came out with a new incredible hit, each time a new video came out, and a new wave of dances and styles hit us. When I look at my kids, it makes me sad to know that they aren’t getting to see this, to see a star who moves the entire WORLD the way that Michael Jackson did. Will there be another star like that? Of that magnitude? I don’t know. I honestly don’t.  But I hope there is. Even if we’re not the flame that everyone flies to, there’s something to be said for having watched the fire burn.

A new movie coming out?

June 24th, 2009

Well it’s no secret that I LOVE Avatar: the last airbender. I thought it was a fantastic series, and it was one of the few series that ALL of my friends enjoyed, so I got to girlishly squeel about it with them.

Naturally when I see a preview for an avatar movie, I got into squeel fits and immediately clicked to view it.

I can’t decide if I’m excited or wary. On one hand I LOVE avatar. On the other… there’s only been like.. ONE M. Night Shamalan movie I’ve really liked, and even then I only think it got saved because Bruce Willis tends to be pretty strict about the quality level of the productions he’s in.

So I’m like.. *squints* at it. It could be good it could be bad.

I’m kind of amused at a post I saw over on facebook, people for the separation of races in avatar, as in they want the actors to be of the exact race that’s in the tv show. As far as I’m concerned, I tend not to care as long as the actor can play the part. I remember when people freaked out over memoirs of a geisha because the main character was played by a chinese woman. Wait.. several main characters were. I thought it was a beautiful, wonderful film, while others couldn’t see past the race. Maybe it’s that I have a hard time identifying people’s ‘race’ in general? Yes I am someone who all asian people look ‘asian’ to me, without an ability to see specifics between things like… chinese, vietnamese, japanese etc. Just like all black people look ‘black’ to me, with nothing telling me if they’re from africa, america, brittan, etc. etc. etc. White people?  It’s even worse! Y’all could be from ANYWHERE! And native americans the closest I get is ‘dude’s an indian’. Yep. Oceanic is another one. Eskimo to polynesian, it’s really hard for me to tell the difference between people *shrugs* So for me having people pre judge first ‘are you of the exact right race’ just.. I dunno. It doesn’t seem that important to me. Do they *look* like the character? Yes? Well then awesome! Who cares! Are htey a good actor? SCORE put them in the part!

Back to my ranty about M Night Shamalan. In general I dislike it when anyone tries to brand films like that, with their name. I’m not sure WHY I dislike it, but when I see someone’s name plastered across the header of a film, I usually get very wary of it.  It’s even worse if it’s just an actor’s name, but yeah… I understand it’s a draw for a studio. You say ‘Tim Burton’s alice in wonderland’ and people go fangasmic over tim burton and will go to see it just for that, I tend to flinch first, then peek to see what it is.

Speaking of Tim  Burton, have you guys SEEN the images they’ve released for that? Ahaha wow. I so didn’t expect so many COLORS. And take a look at this list of actors:   Of course Alan Rickman as the catapillar makes me squeel. But wow, they got stephen fry and anne hathaway mixed into this? That’s going to be… well.. fantastic to be honest. It looks like they’ve rewritten it, to be a ‘return’ to the rabbit hole, so to speak. It’s not really a remake of the original story, so I’m curious as to how much will be based on the story and how much will be add libbed in.

Some mroe images canbef ound on this site :  they have pictures of the white queen, red queen, alice, tweedle dee and dum, the mad hatter as well as some set images.

Welp I’ve babbled enough about random things. Time to go.. work in the garden!

Monster in an hour 2009

June 14th, 2009

So I COMPLETELY forgot to update from Conduit’s monster in an hour. This year I was rather unhappy because they gave it a theme… and it always seems kind of limiting to me. As it was ‘evil overlords of conduit’, we were told to draw evil overlords.I told the moderator that I would draw kitties and teddybears, just see if I didn’t.

Well first they wanted to see the moment that the evil overlord went bad.


I’d say that’d turn any cat into an evil overlord. With mice minions.

Well next they wanted to see the overlord’s minions. And since we all drew boys (technically teh cat’s a boy, maybe), they wanted a girl. Sooo…


So this is the minion little girl, with the evil overlord teddy bear.

Yep those were my contributions this year to monster in an hour.

The Garden 3

June 13th, 2009

So I had some time today to go out and assess the damage all these rainstorms have done to my garden. It wasn’t too terribly bad, I still have a full bed of almost ripe strawberries, the tomatos are round and happy, so n and so forth.

But I have to tell you guys, the coolest thing about the storms is all the little footprints in the mud! See the worms came up after the rain and so the yard was covered in robins and magpies and such, chasing their dinners down. So I got to track all kinds of bird prints in the dirt! It was kind of cool to see one set that the mud had kind of. mushed.. until they looked like itty bitty people footprints. So neat!

Anyway the hole is still there, and as always weirding me out, but there’s nothing ot be done as of yet. I need to wait for some electrical type personel to come and make sure I’m not going to zap myself righting the little green box. But I did a quicky doodle of the footprints because they were so neat!


Art update

June 11th, 2009

New art is up, the first of the three mice from ‘hear no evil, see no evil, squeek no evil’. It was a minature I’d done a while back for a friend, and decided to revisit in larger format for dragoncon.


The Garden 2

June 11th, 2009

Well… here I thought all my garden woes were at an end, so to speak.

I decided to take a nap today (I’ve been somewhat unwell), when I was woken by a HUGE crash of thunder! When I’d laid down, it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky.. not anymore! I scrambled to my feet and ran to the back door to let my dog in. The poor guy, he was plastered against the glass and huddled there, whimpering sadly and trying to avoid getting drenched.

So, door open, and I get him in. Then I knelt there and toweled him off. While I was wrestling with wet dog fur, something caught my attention. I didn’t see it fully, to be honest, so I have no idea what I was looking at. It was probably the neighbor’s cat, since it was about that size, and FAST! no doubt it was running from the downpoor. There’s a tree house in the neighbor’s yard that most animals take shelter under.

But what KEPT my attention was the sight of the rainwater, rushing through my garden like a tiny river! It took quite a few veggies with it, and some of my favorite irises… and it opened that hole again. Opened, and then enlarged it to the point that the green post fell completely over!

When the rain went down, there was that hole, staring at me and kind of freaking me out. I’m not really sure what’s bothering me so much about this hole in the ground. Sure we have snakes out here, but they’re of the garden variety. The rattlesnakes tend not to come down out of the mountains and are quite a bit south of here. We don’t have many ground burrowing animals that are wild here, to be honest and most of them are all kinds of sweet. Like rabbits. So there’s nothing to fear about this weird hole in the ground, but I feel like it’s STARING at me. Watching me.

Gotta get this fixed tomorrow, when it’s not storming.


The Garden

June 8th, 2009

It’s early morning. I don’t normally wake up quite so early, but there was a bit of a loud sound outside and it startled me awake.

Naturally when I went outside to investigate, that’s when the sky would choose to open up and pour rain all over the place. It figures. Well I made my way out to investigate what had happened and right away something caught my eye.

There’s a little green post in the back yard. I’m not sure if it’s for electricity or cable or phone or.. well.. everything; but normally it’s standing perfectly upright. Today? It had tipped to the side and landed against a rock. That’s probably what woke me up, the sound of it falling over. Either way I went over and checked it out, sure enough there was a hole right at the base of the post.

And.. there.. wasn’t any rain falling on it.

Well maybe the tree was positioned just right to block the downpour? At the very least it meant that I wasn’t going to get dumped on while I dug around and checked things out.

I couldn’t move the post, I didn’t dare to. The thing had so many wires going to it, I was scared I’d push it and.. I don’t know.. take out the power in the entire neighborhood? Knowing my luck that’s exactly what would happen. So I let it be, but got a good look at the situation in order to figure out who to call to fix it. That hole though.. it was.. really deep. Maybe a gopher dug it or a snake? It kind of creeped me out though because when you leaned real close to it you could hear a sort of hollow ‘wind’ sound, and what almost sounded like voices. It really scared me, and I grabbed a shovel and filled it with dirt pretty quick.

I’m going to call today and get the post righted, but that was just strange.