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Good morning sunshine

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Due to several friends raving about watchmen, I finally got off my ass and actuallyw atched the movie. Have to say, I enjoyed it. Now I need to see the director’s cut. I won’t give an in depth review of it, simply because I was watching it at 3 in the morning, rping with a friend, panicking about upcoming deadlines and wondering if there was a 24 hour art supply store somewhere in the world. Needless to say, my attention wasn’t fully on the movie.

Morning came early for me for one simple reason. I have a friend who has to go to work and so her online time today was at eight am my time, and I didn’t want to miss it. Luckily talking to her online doesn’t require me to get out of pjs, wake up enough to brush my hair or look civilized. In fact, I don’t even have to get my voice working, I can just type! It’s fantastic. So I can’t really complain that I didn’t get much sleep, I feel it was definitely worth it, because she’s a great person to talk to. It just means I’m goingto spend today in a somewhat drugged state.

I also spent last night sculpting wings. I… am quite surprised. They came out fantastic on my first try. Considering I’m a disinterested sculptor at best, a texturephobe and generally dislike ‘stuff on my hands’; me using clay at all is a miracle. I can’t post pictures of it, it’s all a great secret. Hopefully I’ll get some photographs and can post them once dragoncon is over. I’m working on my items for the charity auction.

So, now that I’ve babbled on for three paragraphs about my goings on last night, today I get to scramble to put art together. Most people say “But jessica. Dragoncon isn’t till september! Why panic?” Why indeed. Well my dear, questioning friend. I panic because there’s so much to do, and it all needs to be mailed the first week in *august*. ack! Add to that, we randomly decided to have a barbeque tomorrow, so I’m also trying to reduce my ‘precon’ mess into something decent enough for the neighbors to see if they come inside.

I’m an absolute disaster when it comes to pre-convention prepwork. I have mat boards scattered across three rooms of the house, artwork stacked haphazardly wherever I can find spare areas. Pencils and markers are tossed about, finished and unfinished projects are mixed together. It truly is a nightmare. Yet somehow, out of this chaos, I manage to get my act together for each convention. It’s a miracle.

How do I make this miracle work? Not a clue. But I’m going to try to disect it down each day so i have a better understanding of myself.

The first thing I did today was talk to my friend. This is key to my daily habits, because I’ve found if I don’t talk to someone at least *once* during the day, I sink into sort of a.. mindless vegitative state. I go back to bed. I read a book for THE ENTIRE DAY and don’t move. Projects drop by the wayside and things get forgotten. So speaking to a friend sparks up my creative drive and reminds me that I have things outside of my comfy little home sphere to get ready for.

Once that friendly chat is over, that’s when I do a little self motivational time. I’m severely depressed. Harsh words, negativity, it all sends me circling into a vicious cycle of self doubt and distress, and dare I say.. emo-ness. Now since I can’t stand being emo, and end up getting annoyed and frustrated, I’ve been making a point to sit down and cut the legs out of my inner prince emo-tep. So I spent the day reading fat blogs.

What are fat blogs? They are blogs written by overweight men and women who have accepted themselves, DO NOT hate themselves, and are out there enjoying life to the fullest. I have a weight problem, it’s bothered me quite a bit as it wasn’t something I grew up with. With my last two pregnancies I packed on enough pounds between them to make me into the dangerously obese category (I was placed on bedrest for much of the pregnancies). Pre-existing health problems became exaserbated when I couldn’t do the things I needed to keep them from getting worse, until eventually I was falling apart. As I pick up the pieces, it’s a constant uphill struggle to NOT compare myself to when I was 20, 22, 25.  These blogs do wonders to help me kick off the day with “I am me and I am FANTASTIC.”

For me, doing art is all about my state of mind. Getting anything done at all is all about my state of mind. When I’m happy, I can move mountains. When I’m sad, everything falls apart. So … since things need to be done, I need to be happy!

Well with my mood suitably improved thanks to the wonderful ladies who’s blogs I read, I move on to the rest of my day. At the moment I’m blogging, to sort of organize my thoughts. From here I’ll be compiling all those fun bits of matboard into one pile, then I’ll scramble around and straighten house while I wait for my awesome sculpty wings to dry. Tonight, I’ll finish epoxying dragon scales onto another sculpture (yes I’m a sculpting fool!) and I’ll stain all the wooden boxes I’m taking with me to dragoncon. Originally I was going to try to finish two more paintings in time for the con. But then I remembered that I have a TABLE at the con and actually need to have products at said table. So I’ll be staining boxes instead.

I can’t wait to show you guys these sculptures.

Dragoncon art show needs you!

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Hi guys, most of you will probably have already read this every other place I post at. However, the dragoncon art show is in need of volunteers.

Most particularly, volunteers on thursday during the art show set up.

You can find more information here:  click on ‘staff information’. There’s actually some fairly good deals for volunteers, I wish I’d checked this out sooner! I’d have brought my whole crazy family down. Well anyway, check it out, volunteer. And if you can’t for the whole time, do try for just thursday. We’re in need of people who will help set up the art show.