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Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well, I’m going in for surgery tomorrow, and decided that a movie would be the right way to keep me from completely freaking out.

So Harry potter it was.

Well my first reaction was excitement. I’ve got to be honest with you, the potter books have really grown on me over the years. One thing I have to say, is kudos to the team who’ve kept the movies consistantly with the same theme, feel, and *quality*. This wasn’t about sequals and how it gets worse and worse the more you add to it. The movies all hold to the same standard. I like that.

Okay sorry I lost my train of thought. Well Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a movie that’s considerably less about plot and more about character development then the other movies have been. In many ways I think that’s VERY good, as the harry from the order of the phoenix I kind of wanted to throw off the nearest balcony. In this movie, we follow the trio as they grow and learn a little about being teenagers, having crushes, stupidity of relationships and general good times. There was a great deal of humor in the movie, and it was *wonderfully* expressed through little gestures, faces, and tiny reactions. I have to say, I really think these kids have come to their own as actors with this film. They did a wonderful job, I found myself really *liking* the characters and enjoying each time they did ANYTHING.

Another thing I noticed, was that they paced the ‘scary’ moments much better. And the scary moments were truly horrifying in their own way. Okay I’m trying very hard not to give spoilers, and this shouldn’t spoil anything. But at one point a girl gets cursed… It.. it was incredible. Her face was truly terrified, and gave me eerie memories of the first time i saw the original grudge movie. That same sort of bone deep fear of what was happening right in front of you. The lady next to me was massively wide eyed by the end of that scene, and i was right there with her.

As expected, and as a friend explained, this movie inched the plot of the books forward incrementally. But that’s okay, because you really genuinely enjoyed every minute. If i was to watch the movies back to back, this would be like the pause, the breath of fresh air where you relaxed and remembered that these ARE children, they do have lives beyond this horrific struggle that they’re constantly being put into.

One thing I will say, it’s much easier to understand the events if you’ve read the book, then just watching the movie. I spent a great deal of time AFTER the movie explaining the things that had been cut out of the movie to the person who went wtih me (he’d never read the books). It also gave me a better appreciation for the shear wealth of information that jk rowling was able to give her writers.

There were a few things they cut that i think should  have been added *somewhere*. Things that would have made it much easier for the non readers to understand what happened. Not large things, but a few small details would have smoothed things over. But overall the things that were cut didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would. More… I know more about what’s happening because of what wasn’t shown.

On thing I will say. They gave the major, major event in the movie the proper respect it deserved. For those that hadn’t read the book, it had the same shock and the same surprise for them in the theater, as it had for us readers when it happened in the book. For those of us who read the books, it still held the intense emotional impact and was.. just really well done.

All in all this was a very VERY enjoyable movie. Now if you haven’t seen the others before this, you *will* need to watch them in order to understand everything. The person sitting by me hadn’t and I got to hear a lot of ‘what was that? Who’s that? Why is that important?” through the movie. So to get full enjoyment, see the others.

Transformers 2

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Well I just got back from watching transformers.

Bear with me, my initial reactions are all based on just walking out of the movie. My first thought was.. will this movie never end? You know a fight scene is taking too long when you’re yawning, and your kids are asking if they can go play video games, in the middle of one of the most heated and main battles.

There was a lot of random discrepancies (someone being knocked unconscious, and then five seconds later hopping out of the car a-okay! Not to mention that tazers don’t cause unconsciousness…) as well as a great deal of blatant pilfering from other mainstream robot movies for ideas. The terminators from.. terminator come to mind. As do the little rolling metal balls from Aeon Flux, the ones that she whistled to get them to come to her. I had a profound sense of deja vu as I watched the film, seeing shots and sequences I’ve seen before in many movies. But that wasn’t what bothered me the most.

It was the utter lack of SENSE. The plotlines made no sense. They dragged in TONS of different themes and story ideas, and instead of focusing on one to make it really have an impact, they lessened each dramatic moment by throwing you immediately to yet another huge traumatic event. You didn’t have time to stop and think and *feel* for the characters, or to fully understand the plotline before another was thrown in. Yet by the same token, you had way way way too much time to ponder and contemplate things like the shape of a robot’s scrotum.

Yes they went there.

The humor started out mild, but as the movie went on, it went more and more into the crude kind of humor that I’m honestly not a fan of. Fart jokes, ball jokes, and a ton of hiphop slang and cussing. Now I’m not a prude, but I’ve got to tell you guys… I don’t want to take my kid to a movie for kids and have to wince every time someone opens their mouth because I don’t know what kind of crap is going to come out next. Or cover their eyes from a hairy ass in a thong. Normally I’d say ‘you should be careful of what movies you take your kids to’ in general, but this.. well the movie IS marketed to young boys. Since they market it *to* kids, it should be *for* kids. This movie wasn’t.

The other problem I had with the fight scenes was this. Every time Michael bay has a robot flounce across the screen, it’s accompanied by the cool sounds of robot transformation. In the first movie he choose his moments wisely, and waited to show you those transformations for rare, key moments. In this one you barely had time to BLINK before they were shifting and re-shifting over and over again. In mid fight they would shift multiple times. Couple that with the usual blaster and exploding building sounds, and my ears are *still* ringing and hurting from the constant assault of sound. Visually it was just as painful. If you’ve ever seen the swirling/slashing/barely comprehensible fights from Final Fantasy: Advent Children, you’d understand. The robots swirled and leaped and jumped and you couldn’t tell who was doing what, what they were doing in the first place, and if that was a decepticon or an autobot. It made the agonizingly long fight scenes even longer, as you blinked and squinted your eyes to try and piece together what was going on.

It was topped with one cliche after another. I could handle those if the rest of the movie hadn’t been shoveled together like the dung scraped out of a barn.

And of course.. the twins. Well while I don’t see the ‘omfg they’re black’ hubub about the twin robots (to me they came off as a ‘vanilla ice’ sort of feel. Some dumb white boy trying to be badass), they were some of the main instigators of the crappy jokes. They seemed to serve no real purpose except be annoying, and did nothing to further the storyline. Actually none of the ‘new’ characters did a thing to forward the storyline or provide much of anything to the movie. The occasional one liner, another flashy sequence of robot shifting, that’s about it.

Was there anything good about this movie? Well it had some highlights. Somewhere. I can’t think of any offhand, but I’m still sitting here with the taste of disappointment in my mouth and a general sadness that the movies have taken this turn. I grew up with transformers, I’d like my kids to grow up wtih them as well, but I sure won’t be buying the dvd for my kids to watch again. Thanks.

A new movie coming out?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Well it’s no secret that I LOVE Avatar: the last airbender. I thought it was a fantastic series, and it was one of the few series that ALL of my friends enjoyed, so I got to girlishly squeel about it with them.

Naturally when I see a preview for an avatar movie, I got into squeel fits and immediately clicked to view it.

I can’t decide if I’m excited or wary. On one hand I LOVE avatar. On the other… there’s only been like.. ONE M. Night Shamalan movie I’ve really liked, and even then I only think it got saved because Bruce Willis tends to be pretty strict about the quality level of the productions he’s in.

So I’m like.. *squints* at it. It could be good it could be bad.

I’m kind of amused at a post I saw over on facebook, people for the separation of races in avatar, as in they want the actors to be of the exact race that’s in the tv show. As far as I’m concerned, I tend not to care as long as the actor can play the part. I remember when people freaked out over memoirs of a geisha because the main character was played by a chinese woman. Wait.. several main characters were. I thought it was a beautiful, wonderful film, while others couldn’t see past the race. Maybe it’s that I have a hard time identifying people’s ‘race’ in general? Yes I am someone who all asian people look ‘asian’ to me, without an ability to see specifics between things like… chinese, vietnamese, japanese etc. Just like all black people look ‘black’ to me, with nothing telling me if they’re from africa, america, brittan, etc. etc. etc. White people?  It’s even worse! Y’all could be from ANYWHERE! And native americans the closest I get is ‘dude’s an indian’. Yep. Oceanic is another one. Eskimo to polynesian, it’s really hard for me to tell the difference between people *shrugs* So for me having people pre judge first ‘are you of the exact right race’ just.. I dunno. It doesn’t seem that important to me. Do they *look* like the character? Yes? Well then awesome! Who cares! Are htey a good actor? SCORE put them in the part!

Back to my ranty about M Night Shamalan. In general I dislike it when anyone tries to brand films like that, with their name. I’m not sure WHY I dislike it, but when I see someone’s name plastered across the header of a film, I usually get very wary of it.  It’s even worse if it’s just an actor’s name, but yeah… I understand it’s a draw for a studio. You say ‘Tim Burton’s alice in wonderland’ and people go fangasmic over tim burton and will go to see it just for that, I tend to flinch first, then peek to see what it is.

Speaking of Tim  Burton, have you guys SEEN the images they’ve released for that? Ahaha wow. I so didn’t expect so many COLORS. And take a look at this list of actors:   Of course Alan Rickman as the catapillar makes me squeel. But wow, they got stephen fry and anne hathaway mixed into this? That’s going to be… well.. fantastic to be honest. It looks like they’ve rewritten it, to be a ‘return’ to the rabbit hole, so to speak. It’s not really a remake of the original story, so I’m curious as to how much will be based on the story and how much will be add libbed in.

Some mroe images canbef ound on this site :  they have pictures of the white queen, red queen, alice, tweedle dee and dum, the mad hatter as well as some set images.

Welp I’ve babbled enough about random things. Time to go.. work in the garden!